Airtel Africa announced sale of its tower’s infrastructure assets in Tanzania for $175 million.

    By Financescape   Airtel Africa a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services which offers an integrated suite of telecommunications solutions to its subscribers, including mobile voice and data services as well as mobile money services both nationally and internationally has set sale of tower portfolio in Tanzania for $175 million.   […]

Bitcoin Slip below 43,000 dollars as Elon Musk Implied in a Twitter Exchange on Sunday That Tesla Inc May have or sold its Bitcoin Holdings.

    By Financescape     The price of Bitcoin Tumble for the first time in almost three months after the billionaire owner of the electric-car maker Tesla Inc agreed with a Twitter post that said Tesla should divest its 1.5 Billion dollars stake in Bitcoin.   Since then the price of Bitcoin has continued […]

Participants at the InterswitchSPAK 2.0 Masterclass share their experiences

  By Daniel Anomietei/Mediacraft   Interswitch Group recently hosted the top 81 finalists out of the 17,460  who registered for the InterswitchSPAK 2.0 National Qualifying Examination, to a Masterclass event in Lagos.     The Masterclass is part of the InterswitchSPAK Switch-a-Future project, a CSR initiative of the company focused on rewarding and driving increased […]